THE CRYSTAL GRILL AND CAFETERIA

                                                    THE CRYSTAL GRILL AND CAFETERIA 
                                                           2401 NORTH BROADWAY
                                                           ST. LOUIS MISSOURI 63102

 April and Dave are now giving other groups the opportunity to investigate the Crystal and it's attached buildings.
 This is one of the largest yet cheapest haunted locations you will find. There is a ton of ground to cover during an investigation here.  April will cut deals with larger groups. They even have a restroom that works. So get your group together and book you Saturday night now. Contact them by clicking the facebook icon below or email us and we will forward your email to them.

  This Page Will Change As we continue to add content. We have things we will put on this page we have not included in the other reports.

 You may also go to the Crystal Grill facebook page for more photo's and history.   

 What can we say about the Crystal Grill ? This is a location we will go back to time and time again. It is a different set of activity every time we walk in. The Crystal has turned many skeptics into true believers. April and Dave Clepper own the Crystal and it has been in Dave's family for several generations. Built in 1859 as a saloon with boarding rooms upstairs there is allot of history we will never know. We do know it was first opened as a restaurant in 1906 but opened as the Crystal by Eugene J Clepper in 1946 and closed for renovations in October 2008. We ( St. Louis Ghost Hunters Society ) were call by April and Dave shortly there after.
 The claims were kind of what you expect for a renovation. Things like tapping and knocking and the occasional set of footsteps, as well as the reports of apparitions.
Like some of our other  haunted locations, we had activity during our initial interview and walk through


 This is what we first put on the investigation page:

The Crystal Grill is a very interesting location. It sits directly across from produce row in old north city. It closed its doors to the public in 2008. The original building was built in 1859 and was a saloon with boarding rooms upstairs. The best we could do with the history is with the owner who's family has owned it for the past 60 years. They able to give us the names of several people that had died on the location within that period. Before that we do not know. This was a very large place,18,000 square feet and tons of rooms. Right away Nelson had noticed his watch had stopped at 7:32 and the owners had pointed out that the clock in their living room had stopped at the exact same time. Other things started to happen shortly there after. At one point Brandy and Christina were in the pie room and Brandy thought someone was standing next to her and it was not Christina. She found out later that it was in the spot where someone had died. In the same room Chuck and Adam had felt like something had brushed between them. Also in the pie room, Tom had felt like someone had touched the top of his head. Not all the activity was in the pie room. Nelson's camera battery had went dead in the kitchen of the Grill. When we reviewed the evidence we found allot of EVP's and several pictures we could not explain.
 It is in our opinion that the entire location of the Crystal Grill is haunted.
  ALLEGORY                          I DID
  LIAR                                      LIONEL

This was our second:

We went back to the Crystal Grill at the request of the owner to actual check out he residence. So we set up and decided to do the Grill as well. We came up empty in her house which pleased her. The conditions in the Grill were incredibly cold. It hovered between 24 and 34 degrees all night. It was very hard to spend much time there. We didn't come up with much more than a few EVP's that we have to double check on and some personal experiences. One person felt like he had his ear touched then poked. A couple of us heard footsteps in an empty room. It was very hard to stay focused under the cold conditions. We will post the EVP's if we find they are credible.

 April never really had any activity in her own place until one of our later investigations. We had set up home base in her place basically in the living room. Several of us were watching the monitor when we all heard a woman's voice in the kitchen. We could not make out what was said but it was about two sentences long. From where we were sitting, we could see directly into the kitchen an no one was in there.

 We decided to let others expired the things we have by inviting people along for a couple events. The first one was great. We had a group of different people we had chosen by way of sign up on our facebook fan page. We brought a few skeptics as well a believers. Mostly arm chair enthusiast. The were able to see what we do from start to finish. From set up to break down and everything in between. We split into groups and began to investigate. Within a matter of minutes, we ended up with several people being touched. We had several K-II sessions that were not as stand out as you want but still good. But the strangest part of the night was at the end. We went as a large group from room to room building to building and in just about every place we were, we all heard disembodied voices. This was a first at the Grill, even for us. Upon review of the evidence we did end up with some great EVP's as usual and a questionable photo or two. This was also the time when we heard the disembodied voice coming from Aprils kitchen.

  ..????..                                          ....PIE ROOM...
..I NEED SALAD OIL..                    ....I'LL TAKE THIS NELSON..
..STRANGE VOICE..                       ...SCARY CREEPY ...
 This photo was taken upstairs of the Grill. Shane and Adam were standing in the circled spot earlier and heard a cough in between them.
 Click here to view the photo close up.

Our next event was a recruitment investigation in witch we held try outs for member spots. We ended up with a great group of people that wanted to join. By now we thought we were pretty in tune with the activity that went on in the Crystal and the rest of the buildings. We were wrong. It was a really good investigation except we had absolutely no activity happening. This was strange. We did end up with a few good live people.


Next we had the Halloween  We created  "The Thrill at the Grill". This was a great time and a good investigation as well. We had a lot of different activity. Plenty of disembodied voices were heard. Shane and Nelson were coming out of the pie room when they both saw a shadow that appeared to walk into the end of the cafeteria. Adam's group had a strange occurrence when they had a K-II meter appear to get knocked off of a shelf when they ask for something to give them a sign. Another group had a successful K-II session in the kitchen. There were many stories for that night and we saw once again a few skeptics convert.

                                                                           THIS IS A VIDEO APRIL MADE DURING RENOVATIONS
 April had asked us to investigate her place. It is connected to the Crystal. Here are a couple of clips that are from the HI8 that was placed in a storage room. What you hear is in the hallway behind the camera. It is not us. We will post the EVP's on here soon.

              Here are some video EVP's that were captured during different investigations at the Crystal Grill.